Who we are

We are a highly respected and experienced recycler and distributor of plastics for remanufacture.

Over the past 3 decades we are privileged to have established long term customer and supplier relationships which has been underpinned by our knowledge and understanding of sustainable markets and applications for recycled plastics.

We make a difference

A leader in plastic recycling industry

50,000 sq ft warehouse and QC facility

Total batch

Unrivalled knowledge of credible long term markets and applications for virtually all recycled plastics

Proven reputation for integrity and service

Network of UK and European strategic partners

Our team has an average of 18 years of service during which time they have acquired an unrivalled reputation for knowledge, expertise, and service.

Philip Tyler Polymers was created on the retirement of Philip Tyler in 1994. Philip was a pioneer in the plastic recycling industry to the earliest days of the industry in 1960’s. Philip’s ethos for honesty, integrity, reliability and close collaboration with both customers and suppliers survives to this day.

Over recent years plastic has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Whilst the UK has historically exported vast quantities of plastic waste to Asia, Philip Tyler Polymers has focussed its business on supplying high-quality recyclate and recycled polymers to credible markets in UK and Europe. Philip Tyler Polymers has never exported mixed or unsorted baled plastic waste.