Our Commitment

Over recent years plastic has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Whilst the UK has historically exported vast quantities of plastic waste to Asia, Philip Tyler Polymers has focused its business on supplying high-quality recyclate and recycled polymers to credible markets in UK and Europe. Philip Tyler Polymers has never exported mixed or unsorted baled plastic waste.

A central plank of our sustainability strategy is our ability to track every kg of material we handle. Our stock and accounts computer system operates on a batch system which provides an audit trail and enables us to distinguish between materials of different origin as well as separating obligated packaging waste from non obligated material and other streams.

This batch control is maintained through processing to delivery to customer and provides the confidence and clarity required for customers and suppliers to meet CSR obligations.

Legislation will require increased scrutiny on audit trails where materials which qualify as “recycled content “will inevitably have premium values over materials which do not. In the absence of tests to determine qualification or distinguishing physical characteristics audit trail will be key.

We employ a bespoke QC and sampling procedure to provide confidence that materials are fit for purpose. This procedure is a requirement of our compliance as a registered exporter within the PRN system and to supply / contract process to accredited UK recyclers. It further enables us to meet the guidance for End of Waste Status under the Non Plastic Packaging Protocol ( NPPP) where appropriate.

This system enables us to provide a detailed analysis for every batch of material – its quantity, its polymer type its origin, and where it went – into what manufacturing processes and what applications. 

Going forward the industry will be under increased pressure to achieve nett carbon zero and to achieve greater resource efficiency and deliver higher recycling rates . Philip Tyler Polymers looks forward to playing its part