What we do

The essence of our business model is predicated on view that the key element is not just the actual processing /recycling process – it is also the connections to markets – and deep understanding and knowledge of sustainable markets for recycled polymers on one hand and the economic and technical opportunities and barriers to transform a broad range of waste plastic waste streams and polymer types on the other.

Whilst it is possible to achieve closed loop recycling for certain materials and applications, open or “controlled” loops are required where this is not possible. In these instances Philip Tyler Polymer’s experience and expertise comes into play.

There are 3 primary elements
of our business

Sourcing plastic waste from commercial and industrial sources

We provide a range of service led solutions to source plastic waste from manufacturing industry. 

These materials are granulated and/or recycled into pellets in collaboration with strategic partners – many of whom we have worked with for over 20 years.

We work closely with waste management companies to buy used plastic waste such as crates , boxes, wheelie bins , plastic pallets and films.


We act as a distributor of recycled compounded pellets in collaboration with long term UK, European and global plastic recyclers in materials such as LDPE, HDPE and PP from post consumer and post industrial origin. 

We also partner with closed loop packaging recycling operations to act as distributor for off spec, and other materials which do not meet the exacting standards required for new packaging manufacturing. In these cases we are able to supply such material into less critical but none the less sustainable applications.

Closed-loop recycling

We are able to offer recycling to manufacturing operations to granulate and or pelletise production waste for return plastic product manufacturers from manufacturing process and returning in either flake/ regrind or pellet format. 

It is not unusual for us to collect a range of different material from a supplier – some of which cannot be re-used which we buy – and some which we arrange to be recycled and returned. Our batch traceability system and audit trail provides control over this process.